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Energetic Healing Services by Healer Ashley Banks

Personal One-on-one Healing Sessions by Intuitive Energy Healer Ashley Banks

All treatments are a combination of massage, guided meditation, reiki, sound therapy, + other Holistic Healing modalities to heal and repair the mind, body and spirit. (Duration of most services 60 minutes.)

111 Intuition Treatment. Upper body Massage with Rain sticks + Crystal Singing Pyramid

222 Alignment Treatment. Full body Massage, Fascia stretch therapy, Biofield Tuning

333 Equilibrium Treatment. Mind, body and Spirit. Focus on all 3 aspects. Not neglecting one for the other.  Deep Tissue Massage with Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Tingsha Chimes, Tuned Crystal Chimes, + Meinl Sonic Chimes.

444 Protection Treatment. Universe and spiritual guides protection. Grounding. Back massage with Clay Treatment with Earth Elements. Tribal drums, ocean drum, + Mother Tesla Gong.

555 Divine Change Treatment. Guided meditation to manifest divine change with Tibetan Brass Bowls + Tingsha chimes.

666 Hard Reset + Refocus Treatment. Amethyst Crystal Massage with stones, hot towels, hot wax + deep scalp massage.

777 x EVERYTHING Treatment. Everything great in your world but you just want to power up and amplify your energy. Intuitive freestyle massage of all healing modalities.

888 Abundance Treatment. Olive branch treatment, Full body massage with abundance crystals + crystal sound bowls.

999 Release Treatment. Back + head massage with Florida water rinse, olive branch treatment, rosemary body scrub, and reiki with selenite cord-cutting and guided meditation.



Spiritual Bath. Crystal, herbal, oil, floral, candles, bath salt with heal frequency music. $400 / with massage $500

Holistic Crystal-Infused Facial (Love or Money) $300

Ear Candling $80

Sinus, Mucus + Phlegm Treatment $250

Royal Foot Detox , scrub, paraffin wax treatment + massage $400

Mushroom Microdose Therapy Session  $600

Spiritual Body Cleanse $250


At-Home Services (travel fee included)

Spiritual Room Blessing $1000

Spiritual Home Cleanse $2000+


Contact ibeslanginrox Booking Agent Crystal for Questions, House-Call or Special Event Rates + Booking.

(310) 904-6634 Call/Texts Welcome.

Travel fee $250. Must be specified and booked thru Crystal.